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Dusty's Blog

AKA: Dusty Dude, Dusty Dog or Double D.

Dusty's Blog

Sometimes I need a little reassurance.

December 18th, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Me, mom and dad were hanging out waiting to meet up with my foster mom and dad, Kathy and Jim.  There were a lot of people and dogs roaming around and I had only been here once before, I felt a little overwhelmed.  I’m getting better at being in public places but sometimes I need a little reassurance.

So, I found some between dad’s shoes and just a little under the bench.  Mom took this picture. Double D.


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  • Sandye

    Just like my Obie. He’s getting better though, he’s been through a lot this year so it’s understandable and totally ok. Best wishes!

  • krun15

    OK Dusty Dawg- you and Elly have been chatting at our meet-ups- right?
    Elly’s view of the world was framed by my legs for the first year or so after she came home with me.
    Her view is a little wider now, but still sometimes behind the legs is the best place to be!
    Elly says: see you under the bench in Mill Vally!


  • jerry

    Awwww sweetie. I think you’ve found the right place to know that all is well in the world.

    You make our hearts go pitter patter! Hoppy Howlidays to you and the pack, we love you guys!

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