Dusty voted today!

California had an election today. Dusty and I had fun when went to the last election, so, let’s do it again!

When we got to the poles they looked at Dusty and asked, “Repuglican or Dogocrat”? He looked at me like, ain’t I kinda to big to be a Repuglican… I told him, don’t worry, they’ll figure it out.

He wanted everyone his new “I voted sticker.”

Celebrating my 5 year adoptaversary

Hi, Dusty Dog here. We celebrated my 5 year adoptaversary yesterday!!!

We hopped in the pick up and headed to the pie place to pick my dad’s birthday pie. The nerve, having a birthday the same day as my  adoptaversary! OK, back to the story. It was a restaurant so I couldn’t go in with him. Me and Mom waited for him to come back so we could make the biggest stop of the day.

Whoo Hooo, we headed to In and Out Burger!!!!! We got in the drive up line and waited our turn to order. It didn’t take long before the order taking lady spotted me.  She just gushed, told me how handsome and what a great looking dog I am. History shows I do have a way with the ladies.

She was so distracted she forgot to take our order! So we waited in line and when we got to the window we told the guy she didn’t take our order!!! The window guy saw how distressed I was and said don’t worry we’ll take good care of you. He said pull around and wait in the front parking lot and we’ll bring your order to the truck. I didn’t trust them, I’ve never driven away from the window without my cheeseburger, It’s just…not the way things are supposed to happen.

It took like 5 minutes for them to bring our order to us. It was the longest 5 minutes of my life. But they did deliver.  We headed home and had our celebration and I shared with the Sweet Sweet Emmylou and Rosy.

Thank you Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue and my wonderful foster mom and dad for helping me along the way.  Thank you TRIPAWDS for helping me find such great friends.

Sweet, Sweet, Emmy Lou and I at the Vet.


Howdy, Double D here. Emmy Lou had to go the vet Saturday and get 2 shots in the butt. I went along to offer morale support.

It was a shot clinic, so you show up, sign in and wait till they come and get ya. Mom, Dad, Emmy and I waited outside till they came for her. While we were waiting, this other dog shows up, riding in a big truck, all raised up, huge tires, heck he needed a portable walk way to get out it! He looked like he weighed 200 hundred pounds, snorting and drool coming out the side of his  kinda mashed up lookin flat face.  He was huge! Growling at folks, hardly minded his dad at all. Of course Emmy Lou and I were perfect angles the whole time we were there.

When they brought Emmy Lou back from getting her two shots in the butt, we had to walk by this 300 pound snorting, growling dog to get to our car. Emmy Lou flew by him, didn’t look at him, paid him no mind. Me or I, on the other hand came face to face with him. Sizing up this 400 pound dog, I quickly moved so I was on the other side of dad. That way, he was next to that 500 pound dog! Dad has all of his arms and legs and I don’t, so I figured, ya know, he’d have my back on this whole thing.

All of us we made it the car OK.  We didn’t get cheeseburgers or fries or ice cream… but we all got home OK.

The end, Double D

Here’s me and Sweet, Sweet on the way home!


Sometimes I need a little reassurance.

Me, mom and dad were hanging out waiting to meet up with my foster mom and dad, Kathy and Jim.  There were a lot of people and dogs roaming around and I had only been here once before, I felt a little overwhelmed.  I’m getting better at being in public places but sometimes I need a little reassurance.

So, I found some between dad’s shoes and just a little under the bench.  Mom took this picture. Double D.

Dusty, the ladies man?

Ever since the day we brought Dusty here to live with us, I’ve learned that the ladies are attracted to him. People will stop us and want to pet him, learn his story or just talk about him. We’ll be in class and ladies will watch him, a few have even waved to him as we practice what we’re learning in class. Some really like his eye’s, some like his Cinnamon colored ears or how regal he looks when he’s sitting.

I would like to register Dusty with the AKC for his Purebred Alternative Listing. That means he can compete in anything that the AKC sponsors except the show ring. If we do that, I need a fancy listed name like Shelby’s. Hers is “Penny’s lil sis Shelby.” So for Dusty I’ve been thinking like, “Dusty, the lady killer” or “Dusty, the ladies man.” I’m not really sure yet..

This afternoon Cindi and I, along with Dusty, went over to the Costco Mall to pick up a pizza at a local pizza place. As we’re making our way through the parking lot, a lady driving towards us saw him and shouted, Beautiful!, as she passed Dusty looking out the drivers side backseat window.

He’s getting cat calls from women driving big SUV’s!

I guess we’ll have to change the Double D from Dusty Dog or Dusty Dude to “Debonair Dusty!”