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AKA: Dusty Dude, Dusty Dog or Double D.

Dusty's Blog

Dusty, the ladies man?

October 30th, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Ever since the day we brought Dusty here to live with us, I’ve learned that the ladies are attracted to him. People will stop us and want to pet him, learn his story or just talk about him. We’ll be in class and ladies will watch him, a few have even waved to him as we practice what we’re learning in class. Some really like his eye’s, some like his Cinnamon colored ears or how regal he looks when he’s sitting.

I would like to register Dusty with the AKC for his Purebred Alternative Listing. That means he can compete in anything that the AKC sponsors except the show ring. If we do that, I need a fancy listed name like Shelby’s. Hers is “Penny’s lil sis Shelby.” So for Dusty I’ve been thinking like, “Dusty, the lady killer” or “Dusty, the ladies man.” I’m not really sure yet..

This afternoon Cindi and I, along with Dusty, went over to the Costco Mall to pick up a pizza at a local pizza place. As we’re making our way through the parking lot, a lady driving towards us saw him and shouted, Beautiful!, as she passed Dusty looking out the drivers side backseat window.

He’s getting cat calls from women driving big SUV’s!

I guess we’ll have to change the Double D from Dusty Dog or Dusty Dude to “Debonair Dusty!”


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  • Carolyn

    You saying debonair just doesn’t sound right…how about “Darn Tootin Debonair Dusty”…haha
    Dusty is unbelievably handsome…and I must say so regal looking!!!!

  • Diane & John (Maximutt)

    Well, being a lady, I have to chime in on this post! Yes, I absolutely agree that Dusty is EXTREMELY handsome!! And ALL the ladies LOVE a handsome boy! Howsabout Dashing Dusty? That makes him sound like a 40s movie star, like Errol Flynn or Clark Gable! Just my 2 cents! Can’t wait to see your handsome boy this weekend! Hopefully it will not rain! 🙁

  • jerry

    Well Dusty having met you in person, my momma can certainly vouch for the fact that you ARE Dusty Da Ladies Man!

    Wooo wooooo! Go get ’em handsome!

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