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Dusty's Blog

I’ve got a job! Whoo Hooo!!

April 9th, 2017 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

I’ve lived at my forever home for 9 months and I’m loving life! Finally, dad has given me a job!

He says everyone has to contribute and now I can too.

Emmylou’s job is to protect our cul-de-sac from any and all things. She’s really quite busy during the day, barking and running between the front door and the window making sure she has everything under control. She sleeps really good at night because she’s earned it.

Shelby’s job is to find as many of our neighbors as she can that will give her hugs and treats. She has it down to a science and she makes her rounds according to whose available and whose not. She has been known to sit on the sidewalk waiting for folks to come home and then gives them the over the shoulder poor, poor pitiful me look.  She’s truly the master!

I also have a very important job. Shelby sleeps on the bed with mom and dad. Emmylou sleeps on the floor at the bottom of bed. I, sleep on the floor next to dad’s side of the bed. Most evenings before he goes to sleep he sets his alarm so he wakes up in time to go to work. Sometimes the alarm goes off and he doesn’t wake up, that’s where I come in. Since I’ve been living here I’ve become quite a talker, I’ve found my voice. I have developed the ability to talk and sing quietly and not so quietly. When the alarm wakes me up but doesn’t wake dad, that’s my clue. I start quietly reminding him to wake up sleepy head. Most of the time a quiet reminder is all that’s needed. I’ve also learned how to goose him with my cold, wet nose. On occasion though, I’ve had to really let it fly! When I’m done, EVERYONE’S awake! Emmylou’s barking, Shelby’s looking around like, what the heck, mom and dad are laughing and I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, thank you very much!

Makes me feel good to help, cause that’s what being in a family is all about.



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  • Mike Murray

    What an important job Dusty, and you appear to be perfect at it. I am so happy to see you so loved by your human and canine family. Such an inspiration to know you.

  • megstamum

    Many congratulations on your new job, Dusty! You do look mighty proud, as well you might. I’m so pleased that you’ve found such a happy and loving forever home.

    Meg, Clare and Elsie Pie xxx

  • maximutt

    Dusty, you are awesome! Going to work is very important, so your folks can buy yummy treats for you and your sibs! So waking up someone to get ready for work is a very important job, indeed!!! Glad to hear you’ve found your job (and your voice!). Congrats dude!!

  • Carolyn

    Wow, Dusty…you have a great work ethic…I would hire you in a minute!!!! Good for you for waking up that lazy Dad of yours…he and your Mom are awfully good parents however…after all they raised you to be a stellar member of the community… If you ever need another job be sure to send me your resume…you would be a great addition to the team I am on…but, something tells me you have a pretty wonderful job right where you are!!!

  • jerry

    I knew you’d find your calling, handsome! You can wake me up anytime. Love you!

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