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AKA: Dusty Dude, Dusty Dog or Double D.

Dusty's Blog

Sometimes I need a little reassurance.

December 18th, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Me, mom and dad were hanging out waiting to meet up with my foster mom and dad, Kathy and Jim.  There were a lot of people and dogs roaming around and I had only been here once before, I felt a little overwhelmed.  I’m getting better at being in public places but sometimes I need a little reassurance.

So, I found some between dad’s shoes and just a little under the bench.  Mom took this picture. Double D.


Dusty, the ladies man?

October 30th, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Ever since the day we brought Dusty here to live with us, I’ve learned that the ladies are attracted to him. People will stop us and want to pet him, learn his story or just talk about him. We’ll be in class and ladies will watch him, a few have even waved to him as we practice what we’re learning in class. Some really like his eye’s, some like his Cinnamon colored ears or how regal he looks when he’s sitting.

I would like to register Dusty with the AKC for his Purebred Alternative Listing. That means he can compete in anything that the AKC sponsors except the show ring. If we do that, I need a fancy listed name like Shelby’s. Hers is “Penny’s lil sis Shelby.” So for Dusty I’ve been thinking like, “Dusty, the lady killer” or “Dusty, the ladies man.” I’m not really sure yet..

This afternoon Cindi and I, along with Dusty, went over to the Costco Mall to pick up a pizza at a local pizza place. As we’re making our way through the parking lot, a lady driving towards us saw him and shouted, Beautiful!, as she passed Dusty looking out the drivers side backseat window.

He’s getting cat calls from women driving big SUV’s!

I guess we’ll have to change the Double D from Dusty Dog or Dusty Dude to “Debonair Dusty!”


Election Day and Dusty

June 10th, 2017 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

Last Tuesday evening Double D and I hopped in the car and headed off to cast our vote in the latest election. Even though it was a local election Dusty learned, no ID, no vote. But he was a trooper and hung with me while I cast mine so I gave him my, “I Voted” sticker.

Being filled with civic pride we headed back out to the car deciding to take a quick trip to the local cheeseburger and fries establishment, it only took about 10 seconds to decide what we wanted. The usual, cheeseberger, no onion, no pickle and just a tad of salt on the fries and a big Coke! And, 2 straws!

Driving home I’m thinking a little Old Crow Medicine Show music would be nice. The first song was Wagon Wheel, with windows rolled down, the smell of fresh cheeseburgers and fries and the stereo blasting, we’re cruising. Wagon Wheel is a really great song and… I join in, taking the high tenor part.

I check the rear view and wonder if or when Double D will join in? He’s heard the song before so, why isn’t he singing? Mmm, looks like he’s distracted or maybe has a case of stage fright. As we get closer to home his ears are back and he lookin around. Ok, maybe my singing isn’t quite as good as I think it is and I’ve embarrassed him in front of his neighborhood friends. Rolling up the windows and turning the stereo down we arrive home.

Getting out of car, I grab dinner and open the back door. Dusty jumps out of the car and quickly heads towards the house. I’m feeling bad, I can just imagine how he feels, nothing worse than being embarrassed by your folks. With my head down I dig for the keys to house when a large white streak of a dog flies by me headed for the large tree in the front yard, where he promptly relieves himself.

I’m relieved it wasn’t my singing causing his angnst, but the call from nature.



I’ve got a job! Whoo Hooo!!

April 9th, 2017 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

I’ve lived at my forever home for 9 months and I’m loving life! Finally, dad has given me a job!

He says everyone has to contribute and now I can too.

Emmylou’s job is to protect our cul-de-sac from any and all things. She’s really quite busy during the day, barking and running between the front door and the window making sure she has everything under control. She sleeps really good at night because she’s earned it.

Shelby’s job is to find as many of our neighbors as she can that will give her hugs and treats. She has it down to a science and she makes her rounds according to whose available and whose not. She has been known to sit on the sidewalk waiting for folks to come home and then gives them the over the shoulder poor, poor pitiful me look.  She’s truly the master!

I also have a very important job. Shelby sleeps on the bed with mom and dad. Emmylou sleeps on the floor at the bottom of bed. I, sleep on the floor next to dad’s side of the bed. Most evenings before he goes to sleep he sets his alarm so he wakes up in time to go to work. Sometimes the alarm goes off and he doesn’t wake up, that’s where I come in. Since I’ve been living here I’ve become quite a talker, I’ve found my voice. I have developed the ability to talk and sing quietly and not so quietly. When the alarm wakes me up but doesn’t wake dad, that’s my clue. I start quietly reminding him to wake up sleepy head. Most of the time a quiet reminder is all that’s needed. I’ve also learned how to goose him with my cold, wet nose. On occasion though, I’ve had to really let it fly! When I’m done, EVERYONE’S awake! Emmylou’s barking, Shelby’s looking around like, what the heck, mom and dad are laughing and I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, thank you very much!

Makes me feel good to help, cause that’s what being in a family is all about.



Sometimes you start out doing one thing and before you know it, you’re doing something else.

February 11th, 2017 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Howdy, Dusty dog here, a couple of weeks ago Shelby and I went to the vet to get shots in the butt and to test her poop. Don’t ask me why, cause I don’t know. It’s always an adventure going anywhere with Shelby! People always notice us when we’re together. I thought it was because she’s so pretty and I’m not too hard to look at, they notice us because we’re both Tripawds!

When we got to the vet, mom went in to drop off Shelbys poop and let them know we’ll wait outside the front door. It wasn’t a minute later when one of Shelby’s and my friends came outside crying. She hugged mom and dad and told them that her handsome dog was having emergency surgery and she was very, very worried and scared. She told us he had surgery in December and something was wrong again. Just then the vet tech lady came out and and gave us our shots and free treats! Shelby loves treats, I mean, she really loves treats.

We followed Mary back inside to the waiting area where her husband was seated. Shelby and mom sat on the floor, dad and I sat next to them. She knew all about Shelby being a Social/Therapy dog and that someday I wanted to be one too. Mary told us her dog was in training to be a search and rescue dog, and had done very well in mock searches. You could hear and see how proud she was as she told us the story. The whole time Mary was talking she was either petting Shelby or me. She seemed happier when she was petting one of us, more relaxed and fewer tears.

After awhile no one was saying much, we were just hanging with our friends. Mom asked if we could get them some lunch while they waited, dad said there’s a great burger place down the road, Sequoia Burger. They said, we know exactly where you’re talking about, but no thanks, they were good.

We got up to say goodbye and Mary told mom and dad how much they appreciated having a visit from Shelby and I, it really helped them to get through a pretty tough time. Initially we had planned to be at the vet for 15 to 20 minutes then we were headed to Sequoia Burger for lunch. We had been there for about 90 minutes.

We started out just going to the vet and then to lunch, but our friends needed some help. We were so happy we could be there for them, it was the most importent thing we did that day.